More than a Sign

Ditto for enterprise

More than a Sign

Damn, your digital signage looks good—the design is crafted with care, the colors and images perfectly match your brand aesthetic, the copy is concise. Put it in the Louvre right next to the Mona Lisa because it’s a work of art.


Next, you quickly schedule the signage across all your displays using a CMS. Your digital signs come to life with fresh content, signaling a job well done. You’re on top of the world. It feels like you just defeated Bowser on Nintendo 64. This is digital signage mastery. Way to go, Mario! But wait … something is missing. There’s another level.

Digital Signage + Screen Mirroring 

Your digital signs consume real estate in high-traffic areas. Squeeze every ounce of value out of them that you can. One way to do this is by using a digital signage solution that offers screen mirroring capabilities. Having the option to wirelessly share device screens to signage-enabled displays boosts collaboration in any environment.

Imagine the ability to seamlessly transition from digital signage to screen mirroring and back to signage again. The displays in conference rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, and other places where people gather should be adaptable based on the occupants’ needs at any given time.


Make Digital Displays Flexible

Picture this: You have a conference room TV equipped with digital signage. That TV is an asset used to distribute your organization’s messages, upcoming event info, important dates, reminders, best practices, calls to action … you get the point. It’s a passive, ever-present method of disseminating information to your team.

With an all-in-one digital signage and screen mirroring solution, that TV seamlessly transforms into a collaboration hub during meetings. Occupants can instantly share content from an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or Android device at any time.

It’s important to bring digital signage and screen mirroring together to keep the people in your spaces informed and engaged at all the right times. An all-in-one solution simplifies processes and limits the potential for end-user error caused by disparate technologies. Your IT team thanks you in advance.