BOXit Design – DENMARK

In 2008 a few experienced entrepreneurs joined forces to develop innovative, affordable accessories and solutions that where designed to make life easier. For years accessories were invented and produced all related to Apple products and sold by Apple worldwide. When the first iPad was introduced, a natural opportunity was made possible.

Touch Screen computers had been used in the information kiosk industry for years but characterized by being quite expensive and hense a narrow market. The first iPad was a game changer making return on investment possible. For the first time everybody could now use information technology to make cost effective solutions within Point of Sales (POS), Point of Information (POI) and Point of Care (POC). BOX IT Design has the passion, knowledge and skills to enhance the ways of use by securing the tablets for public use.

BOXit Design are very proud of their products which are of the highest standards. And we would like you and your customers to enjoy using them, which is why we only work with the best raw materials and green technologies. Our team of experts includes artists, researchers, industrial designers, creatives and engineers, who work hard to turn our ideas into reality. Our main focus is to continue producing elegant, robust and secure tablet holding systems for our exclusive clients through more than 250 resellers and partners across the globe.

All of our products are designed using state-of-the-art technology that not only looks good, but more importantly, really works.

BOXit Designs Proudly Distributed in Australia by SAI