5 Digital Signage Tips to Follow During a Crisis

5 Digital Signage Tips to Follow During a Crisis

5 Digital Signage Tips to Keep People Safe and Informed During Emergencies

1. Keep your messages short

Be concise and to the point. No one will read paragraphs on a TV screen, so create easily digestible content with as few words as possible that gets your message across.

2. Be accurate

If your signage content gives directions related to public health and safety, it’s vital you present true information that is free from error. Do your research and avoid misinformation. Present facts from trusted news sources and your local government. (These are best practices for sharing information just about anywhere else, too.)

3. Embrace good design principles

Text must be legible. It’s easiest to see and read when it is a contrasting color from its background.

Visuals should complement your message. Use only images you have licenses for or browse photography websites that publish license-free visuals (like Unsplash or Gratisography). Add your company branding such as logos and icons to each graphic, or use a content management system (CMS) like Ditto that does it for you. 

Information must be organized in a way that makes sense. Use hierarchy in your text and utilize bullet points when possible.

4. Stay up to date

When a public health crisis occurs, new information and resources become available every day — or sometimes every hour. If your digital signage CMS is web-based, you should be able to update your signage content remotely as long as you’re connected to the internet. That means if new information comes in during off hours or when you’re out of the office, you can still edit and publish your content from anywhere.

5. Use the right digital signage CMS

Digital signage content should be easy to organize, create and publish. A good digital signage CMS will also make it simple to schedule content on any number of displays from any location.

When you have vital communications with potentially life-saving content to share, you shouldn’t have to worry about where design files are located or if you can display them in the right locations. A good CMS makes your content easy to access and simple to disseminate wherever it needs to go.

If you’re researching digital signage solutions, try out Ditto. Ditto makes it easy to manage all your content and helps you communicate with free pre-made templates that get your message heard loud and clear.