Ditto Update Adds Receiver Status Indicators and More

The latest Ditto update improves the Ditto admin experience in a number of key areas. It introduces receiver status indicators, payment failure explanations and notifications warning of unsaved changes when leaving a page.

Receiver status indicators 

Ditto Receiver Status Indicator

Admins can now quickly check the status of any Ditto receiver via the account portal. The receiver status will display either online or offline in the status column. The online status indicates the receiver is on and functioning as intended. The offline status indicates a potential problem is present. This update allows admins to take a more proactive approach to receiver management and correct any potential issues before an end user encounters them.

Unsaved edits warning

The account portal now presents a warning notification when a user tries to leave a page before saving any edits. This notification prompts users to stay on the current page and save all work before leaving. The update allows admins to reduce wasted time and manage Ditto more effectively.

Please note that this notification does not yet show when on digital signage pages. 

Payment notifications 

Users now receive explanations in the event of a failed Ditto payment or renewal. This notification addresses why the payment failed and guides users to correct any payment inaccuracies.

Here’s what’s new in Ditto:

Ditto Account Portal

  • Receiver status indicator
    • Ditto account admins can quickly assess which receivers are online or offline
  • Payment failure alerts
    • Users will be notified when there is an issue with their payment along with the cause of payment failure
  • Unsaved edits warning
    • When a user makes a change within the account portal and tries to leave the page before saving, a warning notification will appear and prompt users to return and save their work

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