System Health Monitoring

System Health Monitoring

We’ve been at the forefront of providing organizations with solutions that let them alert people about potential problems that could impact safety and operations. Now, Singlewire Software is taking that same principle and applying it to our InformaCast Fusion solution to let users know about potential issues with their system that need to be addressed.

In the latest update of InformaCast Fusion, users will have access to a new system health dashboard. Knowing the health status of your InformaCast Fusion environment can aid you in troubleshooting and resolving system issues before they impact your ability to send notifications. InformaCast Fusion tracks several of its internal metrics and presents them to you in the System Health Dashboard for easy scanning. Each metric is paired with a measurement of its health, e.g. Green, Yellow, or Red. If a metric is Green, everything is running as expected. If a metric is Yellow, the system is impacted, but notifications will still be delivered. You should investigate this metric when you have the time. If a metric is Red, notification delivery is likely to be impacted. You should investigate and remediate this metric immediately.

In addition to the dashboard, this update includes new system health alarms. System health alarms allow you to send a notification to certain recipients when one of InformaCast Fusion’s tracked metrics negatively changes states. Optionally, you can also send a notification when metrics return to a healthy state. This allows you to stay on top of any potential issues and avoid issues should an emergency arise. Keeping your system healthy helps ensure critical messages will reach everyone, keeping them safe and minimizing headaches in the moment.

Connecting to UCaaS Providers

In this update, we also continue to expand our integrations with UCaaS providers so organizations can move calling to the cloud without sacrificing their mass notification needs. Cisco Webex Calling is the latest addition to our growing roster, enabling paging and mass notification. InformaCast and Webex Calling provide organizations with the ability to connect the various devices in their environment, including desktop computers, digital signage, IP speakers, overhead paging systems, and mobile phones. This creates a single, unified system for sending out audio and text messages. Organizations can use this to broadcast messages about lockdowns and severe weather, schedule school bells, and connect to panic buttons for easy activation.