Ditto vs. Mersive Solstice Pod

Which is Better for Screen Mirroring and Digital Signage?

What’s better for screen mirroring and digital signage in your organization — Ditto or Mersive Solstice Pods? That’s for you to decide, and we’re here to help. This article gives you a comparison between Ditto and the Solstice Pod Gen3 Unlimited Enterprise.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ditto is a wireless screen mirroring and digital signage solution that utilizes existing hardware. The Mersive Solstice Pod is a screen mirroring solution. It uses a combination of hardware and software and integrates with third-party digital signage services.
  • Ditto costs $399 and the Mersive Solstice Pod starts at $1950.
  • The Ditto screen mirroring experience is consistent for all users regardless of device type or location. The Mersive Solstice Pod allows collaboration and moderation tools depending on user roles.
  • Ditto is an all-in-one presentation and digital signage solution with no license management requirements. The Mersive Solstice Pod incorporates managed software licenses, a subscription service and third-party integrations for full digital signage and screen mirroring capabilities.

Software vs. Hardware

Ditto is a screen mirroring and digital signage software solution. The Solstice Pod is a screen mirroring hardware solution made by Mersive.

The Mersive Solstice Pod utilizes a hardware box as a receiver that users share content to. The box is connected to a TV or other primary display. Mersive Solstice also offers software that can turn a Windows PC into a receiver.

Ditto receiver software runs on existing hardware. Ditto receivers include common devices such as Apple TVs and Windows devices connected to a TV or other display. Users wirelessly present their devices and display digital signage on these receivers.


Ditto screen mirroring supports devices running Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android and Chrome OS. These devices use the Ditto Connect app to screen mirror wirelessly to a number of compatible Ditto receivers.

The Mersive Solstice Pod works with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and in some instances, Chrome OS and Linux. These devices screen mirror in different ways specific to each operating system and some can also use a downloadable Solstice app.

Wireless Screen Mirroring — Compatible Devices


Mersive Solstice Pod:

Connections and Usability

Both Ditto and the Mersive Solstice Pod offer wireless connections that allow screen mirroring to a large display.

How Connections Work


The TV or primary display shows a unique room code. Users enter the room code into the Ditto Connect app on their device. The device connects to the display.

Desktop users can connect via a web browser if they don’t have the Ditto Connect app installed.

Mersive Solstice Pod

There are several ways to share screens to a Mersive Solstice Pod depending on the device type. The vast number of connection options can make the process convoluted.

Preferred by the manufacturer: Use the Solstice app (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android)

If users want a fully featured experience, they must download and install the Solstice app on their device. Features will be limited if users don’t download the app. The following steps explain how users must connect:

  1. Open the Solstice app
  2. Search for and select the name of the Mersive Solstice Pod in your room
  3. Enter the IP address into the app if prompted
  4. Enter the screen key displayed on the TV into the app if prompted
  5. Select your preferred sharing method to begin sharing the device

Use native AirPlay screen mirroring (Apple devices only)

Users can use native screen mirroring on Apple devices, but won’t have access to all features. IT administrators must enable and configure AirPlay on each Mersive Solstice Pod before users can use the feature.

Use native Miracast screen mirroring (Android and Windows devices only)

Android and Windows users can use native Miracast on some devices, but won’t have access to all features. IT administrators must enable and configure Miracast on each Mersive Solstice Pod before users can use the feature.

Use a web browser (Firefox and Chrome desktop devices only)

macOS, Windows, Chromebook and Linux users can connect to a Mersive Solstice Pod by entering a URL into a Chrome or Firefox browser. This option is only supported by newer Solstice Pod models and does not support mobile devices or sharing audio for any device.

Use an HDMI cord

If your organization has paid for Enterprise licensing and you’ve bought the highest tier Mersive Solstice Pod, HDMI connections are supported if you procure the appropriate cables and adapters for your different devices.


Number of users

Ditto allows unlimited users. There are no restrictions on who or how many people can present and screen mirror with a Ditto subscription. The Mersive Solstice Pod allows unlimited users on certain higher-tier models, which includes Solstice Pod Gen3 Unlimited Enterprise. All other Mersive Solstice Pod models restrict access to four users.

Number of connected devices

Ditto supports mirroring multiple devices simultaneously to the big screen. Up to four users can connect and share windows, apps and full device screens at the same time regardless of what device or operating system they use. Ditto users can also present to multiple displays simultaneously.

The Mersive Solstice Pod allows as many users as is feasible for the TV to display. Enterprise users can present to multiple displays within an organization.

Additional collaboration features

The Mersive Solstice Pod includes several collaboration features through the Solstice app. Users can share, rearrange and resize multiple device screens. The Solstice app on mobile includes a digital laser pointer function where users highlight content on-screen with a colored pointer. Users can request to share their screen, and a moderator feature allows another user to accept or reject sharing requests and queue up content to share.

Digital Signage

Ditto offers a built-in digital signage content management system. Mersive Solstice Pods are primarily wireless presentation technology that allow for digital signage integrations from third parties. Here are the basics for each solution:

Ditto Digital Signage

Design, upload, customize and schedule content from one central place.

  • Users customize free, pre-made templates or upload their own signage
  • A built-in content management system allows users to organize and disseminate signage
  • Includes emergency alert functionality

Central management, creation and customization tools make Ditto a viable option for a wide range of digital signage applications.

Mersive Solstice Digital Signage

The Mersive Solstice Pod is not a digital signage solution on its own, but can display HTML-based digital signage feeds. This is enabled after integrating with paid third-party digital signage and content management systems.

Mersive Solstice Pods can display the following:

  • Static images
  • Google slides
  • Feeds from paid third-party digital signage services

All third-party services must be adopted by your organization separately and manually implemented into Solstice Pods by an administrator. Digital signage is only available for Solstice Pods with Enterprise licenses. Mersive documentation notes that digital signage may be unstable and perform poorly, especially if using resource-intensive content.


Ditto administration and remote management takes place entirely within the Ditto Account Portal — a web-based application accessible from anywhere that is included with a Ditto subscription.

Mersive Solstice Pods are managed within the Solstice Dashboard. The Solstice Dashboard is a downloaded Windows-only application capable of managing and configuring Solstice hardware. The Solstice Dashboard is only usable if you’ve purchased enterprise-edition Solstice Pods. The dashboard also has the ability to display usage analytics for enterprise-only Solstice Pods with an active, paid Solstice Subscription. Remote management is not possible without higher-tier enterprise licenses.


Ditto is priced on a per-receiver basis. The Mersive Solstice Pod uses a tiered pricing and licensing structure on top of an annual subscription fee.

  • Ditto: $399 per year per receiver. Requires no additional hardware, subscriptions or licensing fees.
  • Mersive Solstice Pod: $1950 per receiver.
  • Mersive Solstice Pod, required hardware and highly recommended subscription for one year: $1650+
    Power supply units, required cables and an annual Solstice Subscription must be purchased in addition to the hardware unit.

Price breakdown

It’s likely that you already have a compatible Ditto receiver and can begin using Ditto today without purchasing any additional technology or equipment. If you do require a wireless receiver, a receiver such as an Apple TV HD (priced at $240) will make the total cost of Ditto $638 for one room.

The Ditto subscription includes free technical support, any and all new features, security and performance updates.

The Mersive Solstice Pod uses both software and several tiers of proprietary, licensed hardware. The tier featured in this article starts at $1400 for one Mersive Solstice Pod.

In addition to purchasing a hardware box ($1950), separately-sold proprietary power supply ($48) and an HDMI cable ($15) for every display, Mersive implements an annual subscription that allows hardware to receive necessary performance and security updates. The first year of a Solstice Subscription is included with the purchase of a Pod, but fees accrue after one year. A third-party vendor prices a Solstice Subscription starting at $470 after initial purchase and a five-year subscription costs $728.

Mersive does not require an active Solstice Subscription to use Mersive Solstice Pods. After canceling a subscription, Mersive Solstice Pods are still functional but will stop receiving new features and performance and security updates. Technical support from Mersive requires an active paid subscription.

Attempting to renew an expired Solstice Subscription requires back-paying subscription fees for the entire time period a subscription was canceled, in addition to current annual fees.


Ditto and the Mersive Solstice Pod excel at wireless presentations.

Ditto is simple, easy to use and affordable. It makes enterprise-level screen sharing and digital signage easy to deploy and scale across large or small organizations without adding extra hardware or convoluted licensing costs. Included digital signage makes Ditto a manageable, all-in-one resource for any display in any space. If you’re looking for a truly cross-platform solution where unlimited users can display signage and present nearly any device, go with Ditto.

The Mersive Solstice Pod excels at collaboration features that allow participants and moderators to interact with content on-screen. It is not ideal for digital signage, even if you implement and pay for additional third-party services. If you do not need robust digital signage, and if you require moderation features and have the scaling budget and IT manpower to support hardware devices, licenses and a software subscription, consider a Mersive Solstice Pod.

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