Ditto vs. Carousel

Which is Better for Digital Signage?

Compare digital signage from Ditto and Carousel with this breakdown that outlines the essential differences and features of each digital signage solution. 

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Key Points

  • Ditto is an all-in-one digital signage and screen mirroring solution. Carousel is a digital signage solution.
  • Ditto costs $399 and Carousel starts at $700.
  • Ditto runs on Apple TVs and Windows devices while Carousel runs on Apple TVs, computers and other media players.

Compatible Media Player Hardware

Ditto and Carousel are digital signage solutions that run on devices connected to TVs, projectors and other monitors.



Both Ditto and Carousel run on devices many organizations already own, which helps cut startup costs and deployment time. Displays in businesses, universities and other places often already have receiver/digital media player hardware like Windows devices or Apple TVs connected to them.

Features Breakdown

Both Ditto and Carousel contain pre-designed templates and other options for displaying and managing digital signage content. This helps cut down on signage design and creation time.


Designed, customizable templates

COVID-19 signage

Image uploads

Video uploads

Animated GIF uploads

Automatic and CAP emergency alerts

Manual alerts

Widget integrations (RSS feeds, weather, clock, etc.)


Calendar integration


Video URL streaming

Blank customizable template

Signage scheduling

Set content duration

Playlist organization

User collaboration

Cross-platform screen mirroring

We tried to test Carousel for ourselves. We only got part of the product

Additional Carousel Features

Most Carousel signage content is organized into different zones on a TV or other display. That means different types of content can play on the same display simultaneously.

Carousel also offers a paid feature that allows certain types of static signage content to display as screensavers on a Mac computer and as an embedded frame on certain websites. Pricing for this feature is an additional $2,500 per year on top of a Carousel Cloud subscription

Screen Mirroring — Ditto only

In addition to digital signage, Ditto offers wireless screen mirroring to maximize the value of every display in an organization. Ditto users can screen mirror iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Chromebook and Windows devices to the same displays used for digital signage. Ditto transitions immediately from signage to screen mirroring and back again as needed for a seamless experience.

With Ditto:

  • Instantly switch from digital signage to screen mirroring and vice versa.
  • Mirror multiple devices to the same display at once.
  • Mirror to multiple displays at once.
  • Minimize contact with shared hardware, share screens and collaborate in safe, socially distanced settings in the age of COVID-19.

Ditto wireless screen mirroring is included with a Ditto subscription at no extra cost. Screen mirroring and collaboration tools are not available with Carousel.

Administration and Scalability

The Ditto account portal allows you to remotely manage digital signage, screen mirroring and administration. It’s a web-based application accessible from anywhere. Administrators can scale Ditto throughout an organization using Jamf Pro, Jamf School, Cisco Meraki or other preferred MDMs. This includes the ability to zero-touch deploy and configure Ditto.

Carousel supports Jamf to remotely manage or deploy software to Apple TVs and Chrome Enterprise to supported Chrome devices. Other MDM solutions are not supported.


Ditto is priced on a per-media player basis. Carousel pricing starts at a tier of 10 media players.

  • Ditto: $399 per year per receiver (media player) — the complete price of Ditto software, includes free support.
  • Carousel: $4000 per year per 10 receivers (media players) — the complete price of a Carousel Cloud plan, does not include paid training, support and other functionality.

Price breakdown

It’s likely that you already have a compatible Ditto media player and can begin using Ditto without purchasing any additional technology or equipment. Ditto also includes free support and setup assistance.

Carousel requires a minimum subscription of 10 licenses for $3000 per year, equivalent to $300 per year per media player. If you require items in the following list, each item will be an additional fee on top of the annual Carousel Cloud subscription:

  • Carousel Express Players (screensaver feature): $2500 per year
  • Carousel Email + Phone Support (business hours only): $3000 per year
  • Carousel Training: $179-299 per user for 60 days
  • Carousel Training All Access: $5000 per 15 users per year

Demo and Trials

Ditto includes a free, 30-day trial that is entirely full-featured. Users can deploy Ditto to multiple locations, customize signage templates, use signage alerts, screen mirror numerous devices and more for 30 days. With a trial, you can deploy Ditto to a physical display in real time for free.

A Carousel trial is free but only allows customers to test signage content creation. Users can trial the experience and UI of editing various templates and media but have no option to manage or deploy Carousel on a real TV or display. Multiple steps and sales calls are required to begin using or testing Carousel in an organization.

Final Thoughts

Ditto and Carousel both offer digital signage management and content creation services. Carousel focuses on content creation, while Ditto maximizes the use of every display an organization owns.

Carousel prioritizes content creation services like weather widgets, RSS feeds, clocks and a library of customizable templates that can be displayed on numerous devices and hardware. If you’re looking to display social feeds, news and other content on devices — and don’t mind the higher price tag — consider Carousel.

Ditto focuses on maximizing the value of an organization’s devices with both digital signage and screen mirroring. Ditto allows for wireless collaboration and screen sharing in addition to robust digital signage templates, design and administration tools. Any display in an organization can become a digital sign, a collaboration hub with screen mirroring, or both. If you’re looking for a secure digital signage solution that makes the most of your spaces, go with Ditto.

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